The art of preserving food is ancient, and although it’s not exactly necessary in these days of refrigeration and deep-freezes, it seems that the urge to get back to those old-time, down-home flavors and techniques just keeps getting stronger. Canning, drying and freezing fresh produce allows you to “eat local and healthy” all year round. Plus, you will save money in the process!

Many classes and publications are available locally to help you learn how to preserve and can food safely.

Food Preservation Information

OSU Extension Service- Washington County
Charles D. Cameron Public Services Building
155 N First avenue, Suite #200
Hillsboro,OR 97124-3072

Jeanne Brandt, Food Safety and Food Preservation
and Master Food Preservers Volunteer Training

Pacific Northwest Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

National Center for Home Food Preservation

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

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