New Farmer Resources

imageAre you a new farmer? Central to the vision of a healthy, vibrant local food system, are the farmers, ranchers and fishermen who produce the food we eat.

Listed here are a few links for those of you interested in pursuing a career in food production, farm internships/job shadowing, Federal and State Agriculture resources, and other food system related resources.

Learn about the WIC Fruit & Veggie Voucher Program >>
The Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program (FDNP) is a state-administered USDA nutrition program that brought over one million dollars to Oregon farmers in 2011. FDNP funds take the form of pre-printed checks and go to nutritionally at-risk young families enrolled in the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) program, and to eligible low-income seniors. To request a market vendor application, contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture at 503-872-6600.

Learn about annual licensing of market vendor scales >>
Scales used commercially in Oregon must be licensed annually with the department prior to commercial use.

Contact the ODA, Measurement Standards Division >>
Or contact them at:
ODA Measurement Standards Division
635 Capitol Street NE
Salem,Oregon 97301-2532
phone (503) 986-4670,Fax: (503) 986-4784

Helps provide assistance for beginning farmers and ranchers. This is a service of the National Agricultural Library, USDA.

SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education)
Find information related to grants, techincal resources and professional development for Ag professionals, and much more!

ATTRA (NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project)
Are you looking for the latest in sustainable agriculture and organic farming news, events and funding opportunities? The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service covers these topics, plus offers in-depth publications on production practices, alternative crop and livestock enterprises, innovative marketing, organic certification, and highlights of local, regional, USDA and other federal sustainable agriculture activities.

Beginning Farmer Resources through ATTRA for guides like these:
Agricultural Business Planning Templates & Resources
Guide to Growing Safe Produce on the Farm
Enterprise Budgets & Production Costs for Organic Production
Evaluating a Farming Enterprise
Financing your Farm: Guidance for Beginning Farmers
Market Gardening: a start-up guide

ATTRA-Listed Sustainable Farming Internships
Attra’s online directory of on-the-job learning opportunities in sustainable and organic agriculture in the U.S. (and some in Canada) is a tool to help farmers and interns connect with each other. List your farm internship here, or find an internship in your area.

Oregon Tilth
Oregon Tilth offers educational events throughout the state of Oregon, and provides organic certification services to organic growers, processors, and handlers.

Oregon State University Small Farms Program
Oregon State University Small Farms provides information for the commercial small farmer as well as the small acreage landowner. It is hosted by the Oregon State University Extension Small Farms Program.

Food Hub
Food Hub is an online marketplace and interactive directory of producers, professional food buyers, and the associates that serve them both. Large or small, organic or conventional, direct or distributed, FoodHub connects food professionals of all kinds in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and California. FoodHub is a social venture business of Ecotrust.

Oregon Department of Agriculture (Food Safety)
Food Safety begins at the farm and ends at the consumer’s table. The food chain includes the steps that food undergoes from production, processing, storage, and transportaion, and lastly, food preparation by cooks and consumers. The Oregon Food Safety Division of the Oregon Department of Agriculture works with producers to ensure food safety. Visit their website to learn more about food safety regulations.

Beginning Farmers is an effort to develop a comprehensive and up to date compilation of information resources for new, experienced, and potential farmers, as well as educators, activists, and policy makers interested in the development of new farm enterprises.

WSU Extension
Food Safety-Good Agricultural Practices

Many growers seek information about food safety and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). Food safety management using GAPs can be utilized by growers to protect their businesses, broaden marketing opportunities and prepare for regulatory impacts of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Adelante Mujeres
Education-Empowerment-Enterprise for Latino farmers
Located in Forest Grove, Adelante Mujeresp provides aspiring Latino immigrant farmers with the training and skills necessary to farm using organic methods and to successfully market their products.

Farm & Advocacy Resources

Friends of Family Farmers
Friends of Family Farmers supports socially and environmentally responsible family-scale agriculture and citizens working to shape healthy rural communities.

Local Harvest
The best organic food is what’s grown closest to you. Use this website to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

Slow Food Portland
Slow Food seeks to reconnect people with the food they eat and the cultures, community, and production behind it. Through lectures, tours, cooking demonstrations, volunteer days, and other local events, Slow Food Portland works to engage our community with the broader food movement.

Ecotrust Food & Farms program
Ecotrust’s mission is to inspire fresh thinking that creates social equity, economic opportunity, and environmental well-being. With regard to our Food & Farms program, we see a world of possibilities for flourishing farms, vibrant communities, and healthy eaters.

Oregon Farmers Market Association
Oregon Farmers’ Market Association’s mission is to sustain and promote Oregon Farmers’ Markets while building community support and economic stability for Oregon’s family farms,small food producers,processors and artisans.

Portland Area CSA Coalition
This site is intended as a resource for people looking to join a CSA farm, a place for growers to find ideas for improving their farms.

Oregon Rural Action – Farmers Markets
Oregon Rural Action works to promote social justice, agricultural and economic sustainability, and stewardship of the region’s land, air and water. We’re bringing people together to build strong communities by providing information and tools for local people to use in addressing the issues affecting our communities.

Dairy Creek Community Food Web
Dairy Creek Community Food Web is people exchanging knowledge, skills, labor and resources to grow, harvest, preserve, share and celebrate good food. Fiscal Sponsor.

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